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ACU DRN Introduction


Introduction to the Disability Research Network
Prof Sandra Jones


ACU DRN Student Symposium

ACU hosted the first ACU DRN Student Symposium in October 2016. The symposium featured seven student presentations on a research or project in the field of disability. The student presenters were from a diverse range of disciplines, education stages and ACU campus locations.


Different Means Me – I Just Learn Differently
Dr Valerie Margrain and Anna Farrugia

Interventions and Outcomes in Stroke
Anna Aminov

Social Marketing Interventions for People Living with a Disability
Carleigh Schley

The merging of Asperger’s with autism in the DSM-5
Olivia Smith

Structural neuroplasticity in brain-injured patients
Adam Clemente

ACU DRN Mini-Conference

The inaugural ACU DRN mini-conference was held in Melbourne in April 2016, with speakers from a range of campuses and disciplines. Several collaborative research projects have already resulted from this sharing of ideas.


Mindfulness intervention for children with ASD and challenging behaviour, and their mothers
Dr Yoon-Suk Hwang

Talking about (dis)ability: Misperceptions, media and the role of social marketing
Prof Sandra Jones

Celebrating ‘what the child can do, rather than…what they can’t do’: Students with cerebral palsy in local schools
Dr Helen Bourke-Taylor

The Role of Beneficence in Research Involving Vulnerable Humans
Dr David Kirchhoffer

A Virtual Week study of prospective memory function in children with autism spectrum disorders
A/Prof Gill Terrett & Prof Peter Rendell