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Alcohol media literacy program a game changer

Canberra high school students are being challenged to think critically about alcohol advertising, as they take part in an innovative new program designed to counter alcohol industry messages. Media …

A rose by any other name: the low-down on ‘healthy’ Coke

Strongly promoted as “healthy” Coke elsewhere, Coca-Cola Life may do more to improve the company’s finances than the health of its consumers… Read More …

CHaSR Awarded for Drinking Prevention Project

Australian Marketing Institute has named the Centre for Health and Social Research (CHaSR) the NSW State winner of the “Social Marketing and Social Change/Non-Profit Marketing” category of the 2016 awards.

Schoolies risking health with alcohol and energy drink mix: report

Young people are fuelling big nights out by drinking alcohol mixed with energy drinks to help them party through the night, according to a new Victorian government report.

Teaching teens the truth about alcohol

The Centre for Health and Social Research has developed a media literacy program for high school students that is a game changer. High school students are being challenged …

CHaSR team wins NSW Multicultural Health Communication Award

CHaSR’s Kate Francis, Josh Beard and Jo Telenta collecting the award   NSW Health Minister Jillian Skinner awarded ACU’s Centre for Health and Social Research (CHaSR) for their contribution …

Longitudinal Study – Australian First

Mr John Mete from Woonona High School and Program Manager, Kelly Andrews.   Australia’s first longitudinal study into the impact of media exposure on adolescents’ alcohol-related attitudes and behaviours …