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A/Prof Catherine McLoughlin

Education and Arts

Relevant professional roles

Brief summary of expertise

Associate Professor Catherine McLoughlin has been teaching in higher education in Australia and overseas for over 30 years and is currently Coordinator of SIMERR ACT, the Research Centre for Science, Information Technology and Mathematics Education for Rural and Regional Australia (SiMERR) at the School of Education, Australian Catholic University, Canberra. Catherine is the author and co-author of over 200 refereed publications, including journal articles, book chapters and conference papers on a wide range of topics related to inclusive education, e-learning, design of culturally sensitive learning environments, internationalization of the curriculum, technology integrated learning, and pedagogical transformation of teaching and learning with technology to ensure inclusion and personalisation.

Completed disability research projects

Cyberbullying in schools:

  • Burgess, J. & McLoughlin, C. (2011). Investigating cyberbullying :Emerging research and e-safety strategies within families and communities. Communities, Children and Families Australia,6(1), 3-12.
  • McLoughlin, C. & Burgess, J. (2010). Counteracting e-bullying in Australian schools :sustainable approaches and pedagogical issues. 1-10. Australia: Australian Teacher Education Association.
  • Burgess, J. E & McLoughlin, C. (2010). Texting, sexting and social networking among Australian youth and the need for cyber safety education. PL Jeffery. 1-9. Melbourne, Australia: Australian Association for Research in Education.

Current disability research projects

  • Children’s sense of belonging and inclusion in school environments
  • Use of screencasting and lecture capture technologies to enable students with special needs to develop mathematical competencies at tertiary level

Disability research publications

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  2. McLoughlin, C. (2014) Open, flexible and participatory pedagogy in the era of globalisation: Open education and international eLearning. In V.C.X Wang (Ed) International education and the next generation workforce (pp224-240) Hershey PA: IGI Global
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