Centre for Health and Social Research

A/Prof Gill Terrett
School of Psychology

Health Sciences

Brief summary of expertise
Gill is Deputy Director of the Cognition and Emotion Research Centre in the School of Psychology at ACU. Gill’s research generally reflects her background in developmental psychology. Her current interests focus on cognitive functioning within a range of clinical populations, including children with autism and adult substance users, as well as with older adults. Gill is particularly interested in cognitive processes that impact on the capacity to function effectively in daily living. She is currently conducting research in the areas of episodic future thinking, prospective memory and emotion processing. She is a CI on an ACURF program grant ($1.23 million), leading 5 projects within that program. She is also a CI on recently awarded ACURF project grant ($50,000).

Completed disability research projects

  • Remembering the past and predicting the future: Episodic memory and future thinking in children with autism spectrum disorder.
  • Prospective memory in children with autism spectrum disorder.

Current disability research projects

  • Is theory of mind important for episodic foresight in children with autism spectrum disorder?
  • The contribution of executive functioning to episodic foresight in children with autism spectrum disorder.

Disability research publications

  1. Mioni, G., Rendell, P. G., Terrett, G., & Stablum, F. (2015). Prospective memory performance in traumatic brain injury patients: A study of implementation intentions. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society. 21, 305–313.
  2. Henry, J. D., Terrett, G., Altgassen, M., Raponi-Saunders, S., Ballhausen, N., Schnitzspahn, K.M., & Rendell, P. G. (2014). A Virtual Week study of prospective memory function in autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 127,110-125.
  3. Terrett, G., Rendell, P., Raponi-Saunders, S., Henry, J., Bailey, P., & Altgassen, M. (2013). Future thinking in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 43, 2558-2568.

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