Centre for Health and Social Research

Catherine Carr

Cabrini Health

Relevant professional roles
Senior Pastoral Practitioner at Cabrini Health

Brief summary of experience
Catherine Carr is the Senior Pastoral Practitioner at Cabrini Health, A private, Catholic, not for profit hospital founded by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. She has a background in education in Catholic secondary schools and experience working with disadvantaged groups of jobseekers.

Catherine has a Masters Degree in Social Science (Pastoral Counselling), a Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary), a Bachelor of Arts and has completed Clinical Pastoral Education training.

Her Senior Pastoral Practitioner role includes a speciality responsibility for education about the spiritual and emotional dimensions of care within and beyond the hospital. The role includes mentoring new Pastoral Services staff; CPE interns; seminarians on pastoral placement; educating graduate nurses and supporting carers of patients who live with chronic illness. She also facilitates an in house Professional Development Network for the Pastoral Services team.

Catherine is especially animated by and dedicated to the Christian spiritual tradition and has a Catholic background. But overwhelmingly she is inspired by the human spirit in each person. Respect for and compassionate attention to this dimension forms the bedrock of her practice.