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Chloe Gordon
Centre for Health and Social Research

Health Sciences

Relevant professional roles

  • Research Officer, CHaSR, ACU (2016-)
  • Prison Fellowship Prison Visits Volunteer, NSW (2016)
  • Research Assistant to the Illawarra Drug Court Steering Committee, University of Wollongong (2014)
  • Primary school teacher, Greenacre Baptist Christian School (2012)

Brief summary of experience
Ms Chloe Gordon is a Research Officer at the Centre for Health and Social Research (CHaSR) at ACU. She is a qualified teacher and recently submitted her PhD in Health Education at the University of Wollongong in August, 2016. Her PhD focused on the development, implementation and evaluation of an alcohol media literacy program for Australian children. Chloe has also been involved in a project that examined ways to reduce recidivism among drug dependent offenders, with a particular focus on drug courts. Her current research interests include alcohol abuse prevention, health promotion, and understanding the role of pastoral care in the juvenile justice system.

Current pastoral care research projects
Understanding how pastoral care does and should fit into the youth justice system (research design, literature review, data collection and analysis)
Cabrini Vale Impact Study – Impact evaluation of a specialist bereavement program for older people (conducting participant interviews)

Example research publications

  1. Gordon, C., Jones, S., & Kervin, L. (2015). Effectiveness of alcohol media literacy programmes: A systematic literature review. Health Education Research, 30(3), 449-465.
  2. Gordon, C., Byrne, M., Matyear, R., Marchetti, E., & Potts, D. (2014). Establishment of a Drug Court in the Illawarra, NSW Region. The Illawarra Drug Court Steering Committee.

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