Centre for Health and Social Research

Dr Cecilia Yeboah
School of Nursing, Midwifery & Paramedicine

Health Sciences

Relevant professional roles
Lecturer in Nursing/International Academic Advisor-Nursing

Brief summary of experience
Dr Yeboah completed her Bachelor of Nursing and Graduate Diploma Midwifery, in Ghana where she is from originally. Cecilia began her nursing in Australia at the Repatriation hospital which later amalgamated with Austin hospital and now, the Austin Health. Her clinical nursing practice has included cardiothoracic medical surgical, stroke rehabilitation and aged care. Cecilia started her teaching career at the Austin Health as a clinical nurse educator in stroke rehabilitation. Before commencing her teaching at ACU, Cecilia worked at the RMIT University as a part time academic while pursuing a Master’s degree in health science. Her teaching and research interest saw her pursuing her PhD programme at ACU, St. Patrick’s campus after which she started in her current position as a Lecturer in Nursing/International Academic Advisor-Nursing. Cecilia’s other specialties are Psychiatric Nursing, Health management and Medical Sociology. Her teaching and Research interests includes , Society, Culture & Health issues; International Nursing education; Gerontology and aged care nursing; and chronic illnesses and quality of life

Completed pastoral care (or related) research projects
Relocation to a nursing home: The significance of cultural diversity

Example research publications

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  4. Yeboah, C. Bowers, B., & Rolls, C. (2013). Pathways to a nursing home: A qualitative study on the relocation of older adults from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds in Melbourne, Australia. Contemporary Nurse.
  5. Yeboah, C. (2009). Relocation to a nursing home: Significance of cultural diversity. PhD thesis, Australian Catholic University
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