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Dr Joel Anderson
School of Psychology

Health Sciences

Relevant professional roles
Lecturer in Psychology

Brief summary of experience
Dr Joel Anderson is a social psychologist in the School of Psychology at Australian Catholic University. Generally, Joel’s research interests stem from the psychology of group levels behaviours, particularly as they relate to people belonging to socially disadvantaged groups or people from minority backgrounds. His current research interests focus largely on how the unconscious psychological processes of the majority can result in prejudice against the disadvantaged, with a particular focus on sexual and ethnic minorities and on policy and community attitudes towards asylum seekers and refugees. He is also currently conducting research on both personal- and organised-religion and how these belief systems guide the way individuals from different cultural backgrounds and religious faiths interact with each other in different social environments.

Current pastoral care research projects
Identifying personal strengths and areas for development in pastoral care providers

Example research publications

  1. Anderson, J. R. (2016). The social psychology of religion: Using scientific methodologies to understand religion. In B. Mohan (Ed). Construction of Social Psychology. InScience Press.
  2. Anderson, J. R., & Antalikova, R. (2014). Framing (implicitly) matters: the role of religion in implicit and explicit attitudes towards immigrants and Muslims in Denmark. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, DOI: 10.1111/sjop.1216

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