Centre for Health and Social Research

Dr Tim Moore
Institute of Child Protection Studies

Health Sciences

Relevant professional roles

  • Senior Research Fellow (2005-)
  • Co-chair, Asia-Pacific Carer Research Network (2015-)
  • Co-chair, National Carers Confence 2017 Scientific Committee (2015)
  • Board Member & President, Carers Australia (2007-2013)
  • Member, National People with Disability and Carers Council (2011-2014)
  • Member, NDIS Expert Group – Eligibility and Assessment (2011-2014)
  • Board Member, Carers ACT (2007-2013)

Brief summary of expertise
Tim is Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Child Protection Studies. Prior to his work at ACU, Tim established a number of local and national young carer programs and assisted ICPS colleague, Debbie Noble-Carr, in conducting the first National Young Carers Research Project for FaHCSIA. Since 2005, Tim has developed an interest and expertise in participatory research methods with children and young people. Tim has sat on a number of disability and caring, child and youth policy and advocacy committees both in Australia and abroad. He was part of an alliance that helped establish the NDIS and has strong links with the disability and carer sectors.

Completed disability research projects
Young carers and their support needs; young carers and education; young adult carers; young people in families affected by parental alcohol and other drug use

Disability research publications

  1. Moore, T., Noble-Carr, D & McArthur, M (2011) Different but the same? Exploring the experiences of young people caring for a parent with an alcohol or other drug issue. International Journal of Youth Studies, 14(2)
  2. Moore, T., Noble-Carr, D & McArthur, M (2010) Who cares? Young people with parents who use alcohol or other drug issues talk about their experiences with services, Family Matters
  3. Moore, T., McArthur, M., & Morrow, R. (2009). Attendance, achievement and participation: Young carers’ experiences of school in Australia. Australian Journal of Education 53(1), 5-18.
  4. Moore, T & McArthur, M (2008) Time to care: Young carers and education. Professional Educator; 7(2), 34-39.
  5. Moore, & McArthur, M. (2007). We’re all in it together: supporting young carers and their families in Australia. Health and Social Care in the Community, 15(6).
  6. Moore (2005). Young carers in education: Identifying the barriers to satisfactory education for young carers. Youth Studies Australia, 24(4).

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