Centre for Health and Social Research

Geraldine Naughton
National School of Exercise Science

Health Science

Relevant professional roles

  • Professor in Paediatric Exercise Science
  • Member of the Sydney Playground Project now promoting play for children with disabilities
  • Honorary consultant on inclusive junior sporting policies for Netball Victoria, the Australian Rugby Union, and Sport and Recreation Victoria

Brief summary of expertise
In conjunction with paediatric dietitians from the Royal Children’s Hospital, (Judith Myers and Kay Gibbons) we have expertise in promoting health eating and active play for children living in highly vulnerable families who attend Supported Playgroups.

Completed disability research projects
Needs analysis early childhood nutrition and active outdoor play among families living in highly socially disadvantaged locations.

Current disability research projects
Bundy AC, Wyver S, Naughton GA, Tranter P, Simpson J, Norman R, Baur L. Levelling the Playing Field: Starting with the School Playground. (DP140101792). 2014 $170,000, 2015, $170,000, 2016 $170,000

Disability research publications

  1. Dutheil F, Chambres P, Hugnagel C, Auxiette C, Chausse P, Ghozi R, Paugam G, Boudet G, Khalfa N, Naughton G, Chamoux A, Mermillod M, Bertrand PR. ‘Do Well B.’ : Design Of WELL Being monitoring systems. A study protocol for the application in autism. BMJ Open. 2015;5:e007716. Doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2015-007716.
  2. Bundy AC, Wyver S, Beetham K, Ragen J, Naughton GA, Tranter P, Norman R, Villeneuve M, Honey A, Simpson J, Sterman J. The Sydney Playground Project- Levelling the playing field: a cluster trial of a primary school-based intervention aiming to promote manageable risk-taking in children with disability. BMC Public Health. 2015. 15:1125[Q1, IF 2.2]
  3. Myers J, Gibbons K, Volders E, Naughton G. Early childhood nutrition, active outdoor play and sources of information for families living in highly socially disadvantaged locations. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health. 2015, 51(3):287-293 [Q2, IF 1.3]
  4. Azar D, Naughton GA, Joseph C. Physical activity and social connectedness in single parent families. Journal of Leisure Studies. 2009, 23(3) 349-358 Government Report: Myers J, Gibbons K, Hampson N, Naughton G, Volders E 2012, Filling the gaps: early childhood nutrition and physical activity needs assessment 2010 – summary report. Conducted for the Department of Health, State Government of Victoria. The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Conference proceeding
Naughton G. Gibbons K, Myers J. Child health needs of young children from families living in social and economic disadvantage. Children and Exercise XXVIII. The Proceedings of the 28th Pediatric Work Physiology Meeting. Coelho-e-Silva MJ, Cupido-dos-Santos A, Figueiredo AJ, Ferreira JP, Armstrong N. October 1-5, 2014. pp. 39-42.