Centre for Health and Social Research

Nicole Murphy
MNutri&Diet, BPHN

Research Assistant

Nicole is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) with experience in private practice and health food industry settings. Nicole enjoys building effective working relationships with her clients for meaningful learning and behavior change.

Nicole also has a background in Public Health and is interested in working on health related projects that are able to have a broader reach and those that work directly with communities. Nicole enjoys the consistent learning and development posed by the research process and seeks to continuously build on and evolve current knowledge and practice in the field of health. Her skills also include stakeholder engagement and qualitative analysis.

Nicole Joined CHaSR in January of 2015, providing research assistance and support to a myriad of health related projects including Alcohol Messages in Health Magazines, Community Opinions of Alcohol Policy and Domestic Violence, Alcohol Advertising to Women and Testing an SMS Intervention for Adherence in Heart Failure Patients.