Centre for Health and Social Research

Prof Patrick Crookes
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine

Faculty of Health Sciences

Relevant Professional Roles

Australian Catholic University

  • National Head of School, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine

University of Wollongong

  • Director UOW Wollongong Academy of Tertiary Teaching and Learning Excellence (WATTLE)
  • Academic Secondee – Australian Office for Learning and Teaching Transforming Practice Programme; and Professor, School of Nursing 2001 – present.
  • Dean, Faculty of Health & Behavioural Sciences, 2006 – 2013.
  • Visiting Professor, University of Huddersfield, UK. 2010 – 2015.
  • Visiting Professor, University of Stavanger, Norway. 2012 – 2015.
  • Acting Dean, Faculty of Health & Behavioural Sciences. 2005 – 2006.
  • Head, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Indigenous Health. 1999 – 2011.
  • Promoted to Professor 2001. Associate Professor 1999 – 2001.
  • Senior Lecturer 1996 -1999.

The University of Sheffield

  • Lecturer and UG degree coordinator, Dept. of Acute and Critical Care Nursing

University of Sydney

  • Lecturer in Nursing, First year and Undergraduate coordinator

Wakefield School of Nursing


Grants, Awards and other Funding

Personal Awards

  • 2015. Appointed a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK – one of circa 350 such appointees out globally.
  • 2007. Carrick Citation for ‘Outstanding Contributions to Student learning –Refining the research skills required by health professionals from ability to ‘do research’ to capabilities in research appreciation and application’, $10,000

Leadership, capacity building and project management funding

  • Crookes, PA. (2013-15) Commonwealth of Australia, Office for Learning and Teaching Secondee. Project: To develop, pilot and evaluate an effective model of change for use in the Australian HE sector (subsequently known as the Transforming Practice Programme or TPP) $232,000. An extension grant of $85,000 was received in 2016 to complete this project in 2016.
  • Fleming, R. Crookes, PA. & Traynor, V. (2010-2013). ‘NSW/ACT Dementia Training & Study Centre’, Department of Health & Ageing, $2.24 million
  • Crookes, PA. (2006-2009). ‘Project Coordinator, DTSC Project Coordination Group’, Department of Health & Ageing, $210,000
  • Crookes, PA. Traynor, V. Abbey, J. Rees, L. & Fleming, R. (2006-2009). ‘Eastern Australia Dementia Training and Study Centre’, Department of Health & Ageing, $3.4 million

Project funding

  • Crookes, PA. and Else, FC. (2014) UOW funds to develop a system to rank educationally focused journals in higher education, $5000
  • Crookes, PA. Smith, K. Else, F, and Crookes, E.K. (2012) UOW funds to develop an Academic Performance Framework, $60, 000
  • Parrish, D. Crookes, PA. Joyce-McCoach, J. & Daga, R. (2012). University Internationalisation Committee Award Programme. Project: Developing a set of Learning and Teaching Standards for e-learning, $10,000
  • Crookes, PA. & Brown, RA. (2011). Health Workforce Australia funding to pilot and implement the Nursing Competency Assessment Schedule across Australian universities, $560,000.
  • Crookes, PA. & Brown, RA. (2008). ‘The development of an undergraduate nursing competency assessment schedule (NCAS) for use across Australian Universities’ UoW, Curtin U Tech, QUT, U Tech Syd, UniSA, ALTC Grant cd7-523, $225,665
  • Jones, SJ. Crookes, PA. & Brewer, C. (2006). ‘Development of a ranking of refereed journals in which Australian & New Zealand nursing and midwifery researchers publish their work’, Council of Deans of Nursing and Midwifery (Australia & New Zealand), $30,000
  • Crookes, PA. Traynor, V. Rees, L. & Jones, SJ. (2006-07). ‘Internationalisation Agenda:
  • Dementia Research and Education’ University of Stirling, UK and University of Bradford, UK. UIC International Links Grants Scheme, $8,020
  • Lockyer, L. Bennett, S. Agostinho, S. Crookes, PA. Butler, G. LeFoe, G. Pennell, R. & Brewer, C. (2006). ‘Case-based Learning Designs for Medical and Nursing Education’ University of Wollongong Teaching and Learning Fund, $31,000
  • McCann, TV. Crookes, PA. Moxon, L. Usher, K. & Farrell, G. (2005). ‘Identifying the Mental Health content of Australian pre-registration nursing curricula’ DoHA Grant $175,000
  • Harris, M. Zwar, N. Crookes, PA. Perkins, D. Proudfoot, J. & Powell-Davies, G. (2005- 2009). ‘Outcomes of multidisciplinary care in general practice’ Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council (AHMAC) Grant, $450,000
  • Harris, M. Proudfoot, J. Beilby, J. Crookes, PA. Meredith, G. & Black, D. (2005 – 2007). ‘Trial of structured support to enhance the role of non-GP staff in chronic disease management in general’, National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Grant, $768,000

Infrastructure project funding

  • Brown, AM. & Crookes, PA. in conjunction with Coast City Country Training (2011). Health Workforce Australia funding for Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Teaching Space within Shoalhaven Super Clinic $1 million
  • Brown, AM. & Crookes, PA. (2011). Health Workforce Australia funding to build and operate a Clinical Simulation Laboratory at UoW $1.8 million
  • Brown, AM. & Crookes, PA. (2011). Health Workforce Australia funding to support Increasing Clinical Placement Capacity in Nursing $565, 000
  • Brown, AM. & Crookes, PA. (2010.) Department of Health and Ageing funding to support Increasing Clinical Placement Capacity in Nursing $600, 000

Publications (last five years)

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