Centre for Health and Social Research

Prof Sandra Jones
Centre for Health and Social Research

Health Sciences

Relevant professional roles

  • Director, Amaze (2014-)
  • Director, Cram Foundation (2009-2014)
  • Carers NSW Carer Survey Reference Committee (2013-date)
  • Raising Children Network (RCN) Steering Committee (2005-2007)

Brief summary of expertise
Sandra is the Director of the Centre for Health and Social research (CHaSR) at ACU, and an ARC Future Fellow. She is internationally recognized as a leading expert in the area of social marketing – including the development, implementation and evaluation of large-scale community-based behavior and attitude change interventions. She has extensive experience in the design and conduct of qualitative and quantitative research, including research with young people with disabilities and their families and carers. Sandra’s career research funding exceeds $8 million; and she has published more than 150 refereed journal articles. She is also a member of a range of policy and advocacy committees and professional organisations in Australia and overseas.

Example completed research projects

  • The medicalisation of children’s behaviour
  • The experience of adolescence for people with high-functioning autism and their families (primary supervisor of PhD student)
  • The nature of portrayals of autism in the entertainment media and the impact on pre-service teachers (primary supervisor of PhD student)
  • Development of client needs measurement ‘tool’ for the people with complex disabilities
  • Wheelchair accessible taxi requirements and markets in Wollongong and Shellharbour
  • Developing and delivering a social skills training package for peers of students with autism
  • News media representations of autism

Example research publications

  1. Cridland E, Jones SC, Caputi P & Magee C (2015) Qualitative research with families living with autism spectrum disorders: Recommendations for conducting semi-structured interviews. Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability 40(1), 78-91.
  2. Garner A, Jones SC & Harwood V (2015) Authentic representations or stereotyped ‘outliers’: using the CARS2 to assess film portrayals of Autism Spectrum Disorders. International Journal of Culture and Mental Health 8(4), 414-425.
  3. Cridland E, Jones SC, Caputi P & Magee C (2014) Being a girl in a boys’ world: Investigating the Experiences of Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorders during Adolescence, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 44(6), 1261-1274.
  4. Phillipson L & Jones SC (2011) Residential Respite Care: The Caregivers’ last resort. Journal of Gerontological Social Work 54(7), 691-711
  5. Jones SC & Harwood V (2009) Representations of autism in Australian print media, Disability and Society, 24(1), 5-18.

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