Centre for Health and Social Research

Prof Thomas Lange
Centre for Sustainable HRM and Wellbeing

Faculty of Law and Business

Relevant professional roles

  • Associate Dean Research, Faculty of Law and Business
  • Founding Director, Centre for Sustainable HRM and Wellbeing

Brief summary of expertise
Thomas is a multi-award-winning researcher who holds scholarly interests in employee well-being and motivational aspects of behaviour in the workplace. He assisted several governments as Specialist Advisor, including as key architect of ‘Future Skills Scotland’ and through his contributions to the Cubie Inquiry, Economic Policy Advisory Group (NZ), MOET Vietnam, and the UK Office of Fair Trading Pensions Inquiry. Beyond his roles at ACU, Thomas also serves as Tenured Professor of Management at Middlesex University Business School, London, United Kingdom. His interests in the disability research arena derive primarily from his interest in job satisfaction/wellbeing in the workplace as powerful predictors of employees’ mental health.

Disability research publications

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  2. (with V. Tabvuma and Y. Georgellis) Orientation Training and Job Satisfaction: A Sector and Gender Analysis. Human Resource Management (US), 54(2), 303-321, 2015.
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  4. (with Y. Georgellis) Traditional vs. secular values and the job-life satisfaction relationship across Europe. British Journal of Management, 23(4), 437-454, 2012.