Centre for Health and Social Research

‘Sips and Tastes’: Increasing parental awareness of the effects of early alcohol initiation

Evidence shows that some parents provide alcohol to children and teenagers based on the belief that allowing them to consume small quantities under supervision will protect them from future harmful drinking. However, there is increasing evidence that this is not the case and that the earlier children are introduced to alcohol the more (and the more harmfully) they drink.

This project will develop and implement a comprehensive community-based parent-targeted intervention that is founded on the evidence-based principles of social marketing and the philosophical underpinnings of the theory of planned behaviour to:

  • Educate parents and community members about the negative effects of early alcohol initiation
  • Correct misperceptions around ‘teaching’ children to drink safely
  • Empower parents and community members with the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to provide a strong and unified message of non-provision of alcohol to children and teenagers.